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Maximizing Small Bathrooms: Creative Design Solutions

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Maximize Space in Small Bathrooms

Welcome to Jake Bennage Flooring, Inc.! Today, we’re diving into the art of maximizing small bathrooms with creative design solutions. Whether you’re dealing with a compact powder room or a snug master bath, smart design strategies can make all the difference. From space-saving fixtures to clever storage solutions, let’s explore how you can transform your small bathroom into a functional and stylish retreat.

  1. Optimize Layout and Flow.  The layout is crucial in small bathrooms. The goal is to create a sense of openness while ensuring every inch is functional. Here are some tips:

    • Corner Fixtures: Utilize corners for sinks and toilets to free up central space. A corner sink can fit perfectly without disrupting the flow, while a corner toilet can save valuable floor space.

    • Wall-Mounted Fixtures: Opt for wall-mounted sinks and toilets to create more floor space. Wall-mounted fixtures give the illusion of a larger area and make cleaning easier.

    • Shower Enclosures: Replace a bulky bathtub with a sleek shower enclosure. Frameless glass showers enhance the visual space and make the bathroom feel larger.
  2. Space-Saving Fixtures.  Choosing the right fixtures can significantly impact the functionality and aesthetics of a small bathroom. Consider these options:
    • Compact Toilets: Look for compact or tankless toilets. These models take up less space and can fit snugly into tight spots.
    • Pedestal Sinks: Pedestal sinks are great for small bathrooms as they occupy less visual and physical space compared to vanity cabinets.
    • Floating Vanities: A floating vanity offers storage while maintaining a spacious feel. It keeps the floor visible, making the room appear larger.
  3. Clever Storage Solutions.  Storage is often a challenge in small bathrooms. However, with some creativity, you can find ample space to keep your essentials organized.
    • Vertical Storage: Maximize vertical space with tall cabinets or shelving units. Over-the-toilet storage is particularly effective for utilizing unused space.
    • Recessed Shelving: Recessed shelves can be built into the walls to provide storage without taking up floor space. They’re perfect for holding toiletries and towels.
    • Mirrored Cabinets: Mirrored medicine cabinets serve dual purposes by providing storage and reflecting light to make the space feel bigger.
    • Baskets and Bins: Use baskets and bins to keep items neatly organized. Place them on shelves or under the sink to keep the clutter at bay.
  4. Light and Color.  Light and color play vital roles in making a small bathroom feel more spacious. Here are some tips to brighten up your space:
    • Light Colors: Light, neutral colors like white, beige, or soft pastels can make a room feel larger. Use these colors on walls, floors, and even fixtures.
    • Reflective Surfaces: Incorporate reflective surfaces such as glossy tiles, glass, and mirrors. They bounce light around the room, enhancing the sense of space.
    • Ample Lighting: Ensure your bathroom is well-lit. Combine natural light with artificial lighting. Install bright overhead lights, vanity lights, and even recessed lighting in the shower area.
  5. Design Techniques.  Employing strategic design techniques can greatly enhance the perception of space in a small bathroom:
    • Large Tiles: Large tiles create fewer grout lines, giving the illusion of a bigger floor area. This trick works for both wall and floor tiles.
    • Continuous Flooring: Using the same flooring throughout the bathroom creates a seamless look, making the space appear larger.
    • Frameless Mirrors: A large, frameless mirror can visually expand the room. Place it above the sink or vanity for maximum effect.
    • Open Shelving: Open shelves add storage without the bulk of cabinets. They keep the space airy and provide easy access to essentials.
  6. Multipurpose Elements.  In small bathrooms, every element should serve multiple purposes to maximize functionality:
    • Shower-Tub Combo: If you need both a shower and a tub, consider a shower-tub combo. It saves space while providing the benefits of both.
    • Vanity with Storage: Choose a vanity with built-in storage. Drawers and shelves can hold toiletries, towels, and cleaning supplies.
    • Foldable or Retractable Items: Look for foldable or retractable items like shower benches or wall-mounted drying racks. They can be used when needed and tucked away to save space.
  7. Personal Touches.  Finally, add personal touches to make your small bathroom cozy and inviting:
    • Plants: Add a touch of greenery with small, low-maintenance plants. They bring life to the space and improve air quality.
    • Artwork: Hang a piece of artwork or a decorative mirror to add personality. Just make sure it doesn’t overwhelm the space.
    • Coordinated Accessories: Use matching accessories like soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, and towels to create a cohesive look.


Transforming a small bathroom into a functional and stylish space is entirely possible with thoughtful planning and creative solutions. By optimizing the layout, selecting space-saving fixtures, incorporating clever storage, and utilizing light and color effectively, you can maximize the potential of your small bathroom. At Jake Bennage Flooring, Inc., we’re here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today for more design inspiration and professional installation services.

By implementing these tips and tricks, you can make the most out of your small bathroom, creating a space that is both functional and beautiful.